Episode 3. ‘So we’re going to have X Factor’


In this episode the teacher introduces an X Factor themed activity as a way of organising peer-feedback on one pupil’s story. We use this X Factor episode as an opportunity to explore the alleged advantages and complexities of importing popular culture into the classroom, asking: How, if at all, did the introduction of X Factor bear upon teaching and learning practices? The episode also raises issues about how to arrange and facilitate peer assessment, when and how to intervene in pupil dialogue, and what should be valued in pupil writing.

Following our analysis of the episode we include guest commentaries by Roxy Harris, Senior Lecturer in Language in Education at King’s College London; Janet Maybin, Senior Lecturer in Language and Communication at the Open University; Dennis Kwek, Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, National Institute of Education, Singapore; and Laura Hughes, the teacher who appears in the clip and who was the Assistant Headteacher of the school at that time.

Here’s the full transcript for this episode.