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Click on the image to download the report (pdf) הקליקו על התמונה כדי להוריד את הדו”ח

I’m pleased to be publishing here the report on a major — well, major for those of us who have been working on it for the past three years — study of pedagogy in Israeli primary schools.  The research involved participant observation and recording 112 lessons, transcribing and coding discourse and activity in 28 lessons (over 13,000 turns at talk), and conducting 12 focus groups of teachers from schools serving a wide range of pupil populations.

Congratulations are in order to the entire research team: Yariv Feniger, Hadar Netz, Aliza Segal, Mirit Israeli, Maya Bozo-Schwartz, Itay Pollak, Hadas Nagar-Turjeman, Lidar Issasschar, Miri Issasschar, Sivan Shusterman, Tali Avital-Hajaj, Mor Brimberg, Shai Goldfarb, Yana Zlatkin, Galit Levy, Leo Furman, Itay Raanani, Nitzan Sadeh and me (Adam Lefstein).

The report is currently only in Hebrew, but we have published an English version of one of the case study lessons as “Investigating dilemmas in teaching: towards a new form of pedagogical scholarship”, in Studia Paedagogica.  We hope to translate and publish more of the report in the coming months.  Watch this space…

Update: An abridged and accessible version of the report has now been published in a special issue of Educational Echoes (הד החינוך):

Is there an Israeli pedagogy special issue

Click on the image to download the special issue (pdf) הקליקו על התמונה כדי להוריד את המהדורה המיוחדת


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